By Linda Olson

Vicki Norris Turns Big Into Great

Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Carol Doyel, " Vicki Norris - What a powerful message for not only women in Hollywood but for the body of Christ! Thank you so much for bringing this message to CWIMA-West Coast-Hollywood and thank you Jim Greenleaf for capturing our event on video!"

Another woman with spirit is Vicki Norris. Vicki blessed us with her enthusiastic spirit addressing Restoring Commune-ication for Impact taking is from Big to Great. Vicki is a dynamic entrepreneur, author, speaker, product designer, and media personality who inspires people to reclaim their overwhelmed lives. She helps you bring your natural and spiritual life into congruence and operate in your Kingdom purpose!

Vicki is a contributor to Living Better 50+ and writes: "I found a basket of pears in my garage a few weeks ago that I had forgotten about. I had picked them from the orchard and was letting them ripen in the basket. By that time, most were over-ripe and I was dealing with a mess. It strikes me that – in life – many of us are left with a mess, not because we did the WRONG thing, but because we didn’t do ANYthing with what we DO have."

We often pick good things (like activities, groups, ideas, hobbies, educational opportunities) and put them in our basket. But then, those good things spoil if we do not put them to use for the purpose they were intended. I want to help you END THE CYCLE OF MEANINGLESS ACCUMULATION – of stuff, of commitments, of the extraneous. I want to help you dream again and enjoy the harvest of all you have been given. No more layers of accumulated “good things” that form a stale sediment in your space and mind. One thing is for sure: when you subtract with intentionality, you will end up adding meaning and peace to your life!!

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