By Chris Spicher

Blue Highways Tour With Chris Spicher

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Before the freeways were built we travelled in our cars on the two-lane roads. On the road maps these older roads are shaded in blue. Blue does not connote sadness, or off color, however these original highways do give us a feeling. Usually these old roads are local highways, small towns, slower speed limits, more local stories. A book was written entitled Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon, a native American, in which he took a long automobile journey to heal and learn about himself. The blue highways are a celebration, a chance to slow down, to see others, to investigate,to stop and smell the Roses so to speak. In my case I found I had a week near the end of the 2014 summer, and a new car, so I headed for a town called Tonapah. Growing up my family and I had spent many summers travelling across this country in a car. Those were happy times in so many ways, I suppose I was revisiting. There are few cars on most of the Blue Highways, and few towns especially in central Nevada. The Mizpah Hotel in Tonapah was amazing, dilapidated Goldenfield, Fallon, Battle Mountain, Lovelock, Smith Valley, they all renewed my hope in a perfect America. Visited Dwight Langdon, along the way, he and I were in school together from 1955. In Redding central Cal missed a connection with my buddy Steve Kingsley. I was heading for the Lost Coast, and it seems I found the most difficult, winding trail. Did I get "lost", perhaps. Finding new places and visiting places I could recall from other journeys. And now in 2014, instead of slides, or photos, or 8mm movies in storage, Jim Greenleaf has edited a series of videos that pull out a few highlights of my week of is good! We live in an amazing place, with wonderful folks!

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