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Waist Training Tips

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Waist training has taken the world by storm with its proven results. Many women are captivated by the new waist training phenomenon and have invested time and money into learning what it is about. However, like anything else, it is very important to thoroughly research before getting started.

While some people are eager to get started, there are others who go a little overboard. It is important to use discernment when waist training to avoid unwanted consequences.

Listening to your body is the best way to know how to proceed with training your waist. Your body will tell you if there is something that is not right. Refrain from going overboard and leaving it on for long periods of time. Your overall health is priority.

You should not experience problems with breathing or any unusual discomfort while waist training. They contain flexible boning that allows mobility while using them. Waist trainers should not be confused with corsets. Corsets have steel boning that does not allow much mobility.

Waist trainers are designed to help support your back, shoulders and to help correct your posture while achieving your dream waistline. Having self-esteem is an inside job, however, waist-training results can also be a confidence boost.


5 tips you may want to consider:


  1. Do your research on waist trainers vs. steel boned corsets before getting started. It is not one size fits all. It’s important to do what’s best for you!
  2. Wear something under your waist trainer to avoid build up and odor. If you have a slight allergy to latex, wearing a thin cami under your waist trainer will help avoid rashes. You will want to have a clean waist trainer on.
  3. Wearing your waist trainer too tight may cause health risks. Ease into the process; the results will come. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a race.
  4. You may want to avoid eating 30 minutes before or after to avoid discomfort. DO NOT wear your waist trainer longer than 6 hours per day. Give yourself time to rest and relax daily.
  5. Relax! This is something new and may be very exciting for you. If you want to see results, diet an exercise are necessary! Waist trainers are not magic girdles that will erase poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Waist trainers are designed to enhance perspiration.

Let’s get moving ladies, get up and get active. Walk, run, exercise or chase the kids, whatever you do just SWEAT!

You’ll thank me later!

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