By Chris Spicher

Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Radio Show MINDING YOUR BUSINESS

Thursday, June 25, 2015

‪'MINDING YOUR BUSINESS'‬ can be heard on 1380Am News Talk Radio, read on and watched on AV Nice on Facebook sponsored by Lancaster Chamber of Commerce hosted by Chris Spicher of Antelope Valley Florist

Welcome to 'Minding Your Business' radio show, produced by the Lancaster Chamber for Commerce. The radio show airs every Saturday at 12:00 PM on the AM 1380 dial through the generosity of High Desert Broadcasting. Hosted by Chris Spicher of Antelope Valley Florist with side kick Jim Greenleaf, the show features local businesses and covers other topics geared toward the mission statement of the chamber. We invite you to tune in this Saturday: AM 1380 at 12:00 PM.Comments Invited:

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Why start myantelopevalley? I love this town. I love this community. I love the businesses here. I love raising my daughter in this child-friendly environment. Read more about our vision and goals. Please join us if you would like to be a part of our team.
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