By Corey Nolte

Auto Insurance Secrets: 7 things you didn't know that can save you money

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Many people are spending more than they need on their auto insurance.  Knowing what your trusted insurance agent, Corey Nolte offers will help you save money and get the best insurance policy.  Follow these tips to get more bang for your buck!


1. Provide your true mileage

Get rated for your mileage.  If your mileage is listed high on your insurance policy, then your rates will be more expensive.  Contact Corey Nolte to get your mileage rated accordingly to better serve your needs.


2.  Ask about discounts

There are plenty of perks to being a valued State Farm customer. Receiving discounts on services you already receive is an added bonus to having great insurance coverage.  State Farm offers up to 22% discount for customers who buy multiple policies together if residing in the same home, whether it’s policies for themselves or adding a spouse’s car to a policy.  Contact the Auto Insurance Expert, Corey Nolte for a customized offer.


3.  Make your vehicle less desirable

Although having a desirable vehicle with all of the bells and whistles is ideal, it can ultimately increase the cost of your auto insurance because of high risk factors. For example, adding surround sound and alloy wheels can put your vehicle at higher risk for theft, which will increase your auto insurance premium.


4.  Purchase policies together

You won’t just need car insurance. You will need life, home and health insurance as well. Keep the costs down for your policy by combining the policies together through your Auto Insurance Expert, Corey Nolte. There are incentives for being a loyal customer, State Farm offer great rates for these policies.


5.  Consider your insurance costs before buying a new car

The cost for purchasing a brand new car may be high. The flashy cars are more likely to be stolen and are easier to damage, so insurers have to pay more out. That can cause your insurance quotes to increase based off of the risk factors.


6.  Advise your Auto Insurance Expert once points fall off

If a point falls off, you can contact Corey Nolte to have it removed, to reduce your auto insurance quote.  State Farm—even during your term—will be able to change your quote for you with that in mind.


7.  Check the policy details

Insurance costs can increase based on your zip code, age and marital status. Make sure your insurer has everything correct on your policy before you accept a quote.

It’s not impossible to reduce your auto insurance quotes. With the above tips, you could see a considerable drop the next time your policy is up for renewal.


8.  The cheapest option can cost you in the long run

Although you would like to save a few extra dollars each month on your auto insurance policy, keep in mind that cheapest does not mean it is the better option. While you may save $10 extra dollars per month, you can be at risk for paying much more, if a collision occurred and you were not properly covered. Contact the Auto Insurance Expert, Corey Nolte for a custom quote that is tailored to your needs.

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