By Corey Nolte

The Value of Reliable Insurance

Friday, August 14, 2015

In a world where the word “discount” and “reduced cost” trumps quality, it can be difficult trying to prove value vs. discount when it comes to insurance.  The value of obtaining reliable insurance can sometimes be a matter of hundreds of dollars compared to thousands of dollars in the event of an accident or an unexpected tragedy.
In the case of your quality of life, less is not always more when it comes to reliable insurance.  Identifying your insurance needs is key.  Our cost goes hand in hand with the quality and benefits you will receive with State Farm.  Opting for the cheapest option can cost you in the long run! For example, if you are adamant about saving $10.00 a month on your car insurance, I have a breakdown for you.  It will take 250 months of saving $10.00 a month to save the amount of your $3,000 car. Are you saving or selling yourself short?
Working with an Insurance Expert, Corey Nolte will help you choose the best insurance policy for you as well as receive optimal results. Opting for an expert will help you get more bang for your buck with the policies you choose and allow you to explore additional insurance discounts and resources, you may have not been aware of before.
The face-to-face meeting with an Insurance Expert will add value to your overall experience, because Corey Nolte will ensure you are equipped by exploring policies that are customized to your specific needs. Saving a few dollars is not always the best option for you. At times, people are eager to save $10.00 per month, but when the time comes to put their policy to use, they hit a brick wall because of the limitations set in place on that particular policy.
Ever heard of the universal saying, you get what you pay for? Don’t settle for “reduced cost” when your insurance or lack thereof can affect your quality of life. If you need a free quote on your auto insurance, home insurance or business insurance reach out to Corey Nolte. His office is in Palmdale and he's here to help you with all of your insurance needs.

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