By Valerie Phay

Top 3 Tips to Finding Your Dream Home

Friday, December 04, 2015

When walking in to your dream home, you just know it’s yours from a feeling of overwhelming joy and comfort that allows you to recognize that you’ve finally found your home. Although you may not find every single item you’ve dreamed of, having a solid list of priorities will help you identify what is right for you.


Get Pre-approved for Your Loan

When you are pre-approved, you can show potential buyers that you are ready and prepared to purchase your future home. Being equipped with a pre-approval letter is the next best thing to cash because you know in advance the amount you have been approved for and can properly prepare to make an offer. Being set a part as an extremely strong buyer is key and you will become a valuable asset to sellers.


Compare Your Wants Vs Needs

There may be some things in the home that you may not be obsessed with, but being able to use laser focus and see the big picture will help you identify what you really need in your home. Refrain from walking away from a great deal and an even better house because it lacks a few things that you originally wanted.  Keep in mind, you can always upgrade your home later to exactly what you desire.


Make a Clean Offer

Refrain from making a difficult offer by adding tons of add-ons. A clean offer is much easier for a seller to make a sound decision. If you make an offer that is close to the asking price, then changes are you are one step closer to purchasing the home you have always wanted.

Lancaster Realty can assist you with what can be negotiated after an offer is made.


Purchasing a new home is a big deal and can be really stressful, but don’t forget to celebrate once you have scored the home of your dreams. Knowing what you want but also being flexible in the process will help you settle for the home you desire.  For more great tips and personal assistance, call Mark & Val at Lancaster Realty, 661-728-9449.

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