By Wayne Newman

Top 5 Auto Repair Tips

Thursday, April 21, 2016

As drivers, we have a tendency to take our vehicles for granted, and often times it's only after our vehicles are running poorly that we wish we had taken better care of them. Here at Wayne and Dave's Automotive Repair in Lancaster, we know how important your vehicle is to you and your life, so we want to offer you 5 Auto Repair Tips to help your vehicle run smoothly, and fix the little nuisances that arise which may occur but aren't worth taking to a mechanic to fix.

1.  You can most likely fix that unsightly dent yourself!

No matter how careful you are about driving your vehicles, parking with enough room, and making sure your driveways and garages are free from any hazardous objects, at some point your vehicles can get dented. Most of the time a dent means taking your car to the body shop. There are ways you can avoid the trip and save money by fixing the dent yourself! There are three DIY tips to fixing a car’s dent. 

(1) Get some dry ice at your local grocery store for a couple of bucks, and carefully hold it over the dented areas. After a few moments the dents should amazingly smooth out!

(2) You can try the same method, but it may take a bit longer, with a normal hair dryer.

(3) Use a high-powered suction cup. If you do not have one at your disposal, you can find one for $10 at your local hardware store. Simply apply pressure to a part of the dent and pull outwards. While these methods can help with small to medium dents, they may not always work on the more severe ones.

2.  Keep your vehicle’s battery charged!

Believe it or not, your car’s battery will still be using power when the vehicle is turned off, by powering the clock, radio, alarm, and parts of the vehicle’s computer. Also, if you leave anything plugged into the cigarette lighter, such as a GPS or phone charger, it will continue to drain the battery's life while the vehicle isn't on. When parking your car for an extended period of time, make sure everything is turned off, unplugged, and no doors are ajar - - there is nothing worse than coming back to a dead vehicle that may cause you to be stranded.

3.    Check your tire pressure often!

Driving a vehicle with a flat can damage the discs and drums of your brakes, and can even cause you to lose control and get into an accident. Keep your tires fully inflated and at the correct pressure. Stay safe, and don't forget to check the spare (if you have one) as well.

4.      Defog your car's windshield faster!

Do you live in a cold and wet area such as the Northwest, or is your region experiencing a rainy season because of storms like El Nino? Whatever the case it can be an extreme nuisance to find your cars windshield severely fogged over. One way to avoid this is to layer your dashboard with packets of silica. Silica packets are those tiny packets of beads or crystals you find in new shoeboxes or the pockets of jackets at department stores. They can absorb moisture quickly.

5.      Having trouble cleaning your windshield?

If you have cleared up all the fog and have recently cleaned your windows but still have a film or grayness that is impossible to see through, consider cleaning the inside and outside with a fine grade steel wool. Believe it or not, steel wool is a perfect way to grind off any films that are normally impossible to get off, without scratching the glass! Once complete, it is best to give it another thorough cleaning with a windshield cleaner are squeegee.


When in doubt, the best thing to do is to listen to your vehicle. You and your car likely have a special bond. You have probably been through a lot together, commuting to work day after day... picking up kids from school... vacations... holidays; your vehicle plays an important part in your life. So, when you feel like something is out of the ordinary, it might be time to take your car in for routine maintenance.


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