By Jim E Winburn

Assemblyman Steve Fox outlines legislative progress for Antelope Valley

Monday, December 09, 2013

The following is a letter to Antelope Valley constituents from Assemblyman Steve Fox, District 36:
“During the first year of the legislative session, my colleagues and I in the Legislature were able to achieve a number of key priorities for the Antelope Valley, especially in the areas of education, job creation, and improving the economy.
“My staff and I worked to bring a public university to the Antelope Valley by authoring Assembly Bill (AB) 736, which authorizes a study that will pave the way to bringing a California State University to our region. Our district has a higher high school graduation rate than the statewide average, but our students have no opportunities to seek a four-year degree locally. Creating a CSU, Antelope Valley would help keep our best and brightest in the area.
“We encouraged the federal government to bring up to 100,000 jobs to California’s aerospace industry with AB 737 and Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 6. These bills created a plan for the implementation of drone testing in our state and requests that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) consider California as one of the six planned test sites for unmanned aircraft systems and integration of those systems into the next-generation air transportation system.
“Throughout the past year, we prioritized support for small businesses and kept local money in the hands of area businesses. Further, the restoration of the Antelope Valley Enterprise Zone will provide small businesses in the area with incentives to hire locally and keep regional dollars right here in our communities.
“This has been a busy year and I look forward to continuing this work and serving you.”
For a full end-of-year report from Assemblyman Fox, visit

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