By Linda Olson

Women With Spirit Conversations

Tuesday, January 28, 2014



There is nothing as inspiring for me as meeting with women who have spirit and heart. This was one of those special opportunities.


One of those women is Carol Doyel. I first met Carol at the National Christian Women in Media conference in Dallas, TX last year. As I sat in on her workshop I knew this was a woman I desired to connect with. Carol is a soft spoken, easy-going woman who speaks from the heart. She is a quiet motivator who brings the best out in anyone. This makes her perfect for her new position as Regional Director of Christian Women in Media/Hollywood. As Carol and I, along with several others, met to cast vision and seek direction to meet the needs of women, I was touched with Carol’s introduction. She came with a Bible verse, personal word and gift for each one on the task force team. This is such a reflection of her heart and who she is.

Carol is also a connector of women and therefore shines as she founded Living Better 50+, an on-line magazine that inspires and speaks to the heart of women. She has found a way to bring together 250 experts who contribute to her magazine.


Another woman with spirit is none other than Marva Greenleaf, C.E.O. of youngloveafter50,  With the gift of southern hospitality, creativity, a gracious spirit and a kind word for each one she meets, Marva will touch your life in an unforgettable way. Not only is she an inspiring host in her home but also as she hosts interviews. You can count on her doing her homework, researching whoever she interviews and bringing the best out in anyone. Marva has impacted my life as someone who knows pain but not afraid of it. These are the kind of people who influence others and Marva is one of them.


Marva Greenleaf, "Carol Doyel, Regional Director of Christian Women in Media/Hollywood and the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of shares with me and Linda Olson, Founder of the Divine journey of being a Woman of Spirit. Cultivating wisdom, compassion, and humor every stage of Life as we choose Love Choose Life! Surround yourself with others who are spiritually invigorated, mutually inspiring one another and discover Daily Delights and 100,000 Blessings (eternal gratitude, Linda Olson)...Bloomers Unite! we've only just begun, the best is yet to come... Release Accept Commit Grow 2014 and beyond! Open Heart, release all your fear, be here now.-Janine Canan 2005."


As I met with these inspiring women, I knew I could listen and learn from them all day. More importantly, they inspired me as I shared about Daily Delights, a program that grows women with Faith, Focus and Favor.  Gail Sheehy says, “If we don’t change we don’t grow.
It we don’t grow we are not really living.” I, see, too many women who are overwhelmed with the load and burdens they carry and unfortunately are surviving instead of thriving. As I was reminded in my quiet time today that we are called to “live life and live it more abundantly.” (John 10:10), that speaks to me about thriving. After years of working with women, I have developed a simple and fun program that helps women rise above the burdens they carry and focus on the things that delight them. It’s about developing a grateful heart. As they share their heart and give to others, they will discover that favor finds them. Along with Daily Delights, I have started a campaign called 100,000 blessings and would love for you to join us.

As you surround yourself with women who are energized and have spirit, you too will discover a deeper inspiration that you can share with others.


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