Our Team Includes the Following Writers and Editorial Staff

Alex Branning
Ali Burns Porter
Bob Finberg
Bob Turner
Brandi Roberts
Chris Murphy
Chris Spicher
Cindy Felts
Clancy JG
Corey Nolte
Dan Ritter
Dave Siemenski
Duncan Harrison
Edward Mooney
Henry Marvin
Jared Haskell
Jim Chism
Jim E Winburn
Jim Greenleaf
Kathy Branning
Kristen Ezmirly
Lancaster Jethawks
Larissa Nickel
Laura Bryant
Leslie Gomez
Linda Olson
Lyndsay Ortiz
Marva Greenleaf
Michael Picker Woodroof
Nicole Schaefer
R Rex Parris
Robert Breiner
Robert Odenthal
Ryan F
Shelly Freeman
Tempting Curves
Thesanica Chan
Tim Rosen
Valerie Phay
Wayne Newman

About Us

Why start myantelopevalley? I love this town. I love this community. I love the businesses here. I love raising my daughter in this child-friendly environment. Read more about our vision and goals. Please join us if you would like to be a part of our team.
- Alex Branning