N. Ferrell

N. Ferrell is a 10 year resident of the AV. Moving here from the San Fernando Valley, she soon confronted her fears of the vast open Mojave deserts and fell in love with her new found home. Constantly exploring the hills, streams, waterfalls and miles of sand, she's come to find a side of the AV most are blinded to. She's open minded with a steady balance between optimisim and pessimism, often trying to see the reality of the matter at hand. She has a a background in gardening, style, make-up and health. She loves staying actively curious towards her surroundings, always seeking new places to dine, hike or possibly sneak into abandoned buildings. She has a passionate love for nature and photographs her outings as well as local events, people, great architecture and her make-up. She focuses a lot of attention to eating and growing her foods organically. She would like to live off the grid someday.

Email: nikkischaefer1988@yahoo.com

N. Ferrell (11)

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