Chris Spicher

AV Nice is nice people, nice stories. AV Nice is the amazing people who live in and visit the North LA County-East Kern county  region.  AV Nice is how we talk positive about ourselves and our hometowns.  It is conversation that shows and leads to a positive environment.  More than commercials, or sales it is the promotion of positive stories. I began AV Nice after experiencing "Minnesota Nice" on my vacations there. Sometimes to describe ourselves we use self deprecating humor which is actually sarcastic, and actually not humorous,  we need to change that conversation. Do somethingNice, with no strings attached.  


Chris Spicher (102)

About Us

Why start myantelopevalley? I love this town. I love this community. I love the businesses here. I love raising my daughter in this child-friendly environment. Read more about our vision and goals. Please join us if you would like to be a part of our team.
- Alex Branning