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My name is Valerie Dickinson-Phay.  It's hyphenated because I think a lot of my family and especially of my father who was an attorney.  I worked in his law office growing up and later was a deputy clerk in the Glendale Municipal Court.  The traffic division.  After  I had what I would call a "close encounter" with a woman with a weapon at the bail window, I transferred to Small Claims.  Between the "discussions" at the dinner table with my brothers and my dad and the time I spent in the courtroom as a deputy clerk, I realized I had a gift for arguing.  Not in the disrespectful, hateful way.  Whenever there was a topic I was interested in, or a cause I cared about, I was right there to defend it.  Staying on topic, advocating my claim and providing the proof to back up my case was exciting and challenging.   - See more at:


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